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Academic Courses in Moodle ISU

Moodle ISU courses are created based on information provided in the class schedule and managed by theOffice of the Registrar.

Instructorswill work with theirDepartment Course Scheduler,who will provide the information to theOffice of the Registrar.

Academic courses are created in Moodle ISU about the time that students can register for that term. A Moodle ISU course can be requested at any time for an academic course by working with your Department Course Scheduler

Any changes to theAcademic CourseorInstructor of Recordshould be made directly with your Department Course Scheduler. Department Schedulers are required to immediately notify University Scheduling of course cancellations, class limit increases/decreases, day/time changes, instructor changes, and classroom assignment requests. For more information, please contact the University Scheduling Coordinator (

Other Course Types

188 体育 世界杯教职员can request to create other types of courses on the ITRC188 体育 世界杯形式page. The course types available are:

  • AMetacourseis when two or more Academic courses are combined into one.
  • ASpecial Courseis a Non-Academic course that can be used as a Development course or as a Miscellaneous course.
    • Development courses, also known as a Sandbox course, will never have students enrolled. This course type is meant for collecting, developing, and managing course material for a future course.
    • Miscellaneous courseshave a wide variety of uses such as a resource page, club site, or course that is longer than the standard semester.
  • ACommunity Courseis for those who are not affiliated with ISU but still want a Moodle course. These courses can be found on theMoodle ISU Communitysite.