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ADA & Disabilities Resource Center (DRC)

Any student, faculty, or staff member who has a qualified permanent or temporary disability is eligible for services through the DRC. Disability Services acts to increase access to all programs and services sponsored or funded by Idaho State University. Go toADA & Disability Resource Centerfor more details.

Affirmative Action

The Office of Equity and Inclusion is located at Rendezvous, Room 157. ISU is committed to a safe and respectful learning and working environment. For more information, go toAffirmative Action.

International Programs Office

ISU academic departments are involved in the invitation of each visiting scholar or professor. Scholars and departments identify a mutual interest in collaboration in a research or teaching area. The IPO advises departments and scholars on immigration regulations and provides information and guidance on a wide range of issues about the visiting international status and permanent residence at ISU. Go toInternational Programs Officefor more details.

Contract and Payroll Dates

Payroll at Idaho State University is on a bi-weekly pay schedule with payments made to employees every other Friday. Go toContract & Payroll Dates188 体育 世界杯在工资和福利工资日期和other important information. ISU approved holidays:Holiday Schedule.

ISU Classified Pay Grades

Idaho State University’s Classified Employee Salary Structure consists of eleven pay grades with minimum, policy and maximum rates.Printable Compensation Schedule for Classified Employees

Paid and Unpaid Time Off

Classified staff, non-classified staff and faculty of Idaho State University as identified in ISUPP No 3050, Categories of Employees, may be eligible for a variety of leaves of absence from the workplace, with or without compensation. For a full list, see the Leave of Absence Policy for Faculty and Staff ISUPP 3070 on theISU Policies and Procedures Human Resourceswebsite.

188 体育 世界杯总法律顾问

The Office of General Counsel (OGC) is intended to provide information to the University community about our office, legal issues, and topics of interest. Visit the188 体育 世界杯总法律顾问website.

Risk Management

Risk Management administers the University's property and liability insurance programs designed to provide a safe environment for the campus community, as well as protect and preserve the University's assets from adverse effects of physical and financial loss. For complete list of services provided, seeRisk Management.

ISU Policies and Procedures

The ISU Policies and Procedures (ISUPP) web site is the official repository for all University-wide policies and procedures. The responsible executives, which include the President, Provost, Vice Presidents, and designated offices from the major functional areas listed, are responsible for initiating and maintaining their own policies in the ISUPP with current updates and required annual reviews. SeeISU Policies and Proceduresfor more details.

ISU Ombuds Program

  • An informal, neutral, confidential, and independent resource for ISU faculty and staff
  • Access to vast experience and knowledge of problem solving, communication, and ISU Policies and Procedures
  • 188 体育 世界杯替代模式啊f dispute resolution outside of formal grievance procedures or litigation

Ombuds Page

FLSA Changes

Effective January 1, 2020, the rules for exemption to the overtime pay provisions will change. Please see ourFLSA web pagefor more details.

Fiscal Year 2020 Change in Employee Compensation

It is the policy of ISU that employees will be compensated in a fair and equitable manner in accordance with State of Idaho (State) compensation plans, policy, and related legislation. Employees are entitled to be compensated fairly based on market and internal factors including the availability of funds. Each year, the legislature votes to determine any employee compensation adjustments. This is referred to as the Change in Employee Compensation, or CEC. Click here for an explanation of theFiscal Year 2020 Change in Employee Compensation