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Tuition Reduction

All Idaho State University employees in benefited positions and their legal spouses may be eligible to register for instructional courses during any academic period. The Idaho State Board of Education allows ISU to waive all tuition costs except for a $20.00 non-refundable registration fee per semester and a $5.00 per credit hour charge. Any special course fees (lab fees for example) will be paid by the employee. Full benefit details and forms for the tuition reduction are available in the Office of Human Resources or online atEmployee and Spouse Tuition Reduction Benefit and Form. To be eligible for tuition reduction, the employee must be hired on or before the beginning of the academic term.

Dependent Child:The ISU employee dependent child tuition reduction benefit provides for a 50 percent reduction of ISU resident (in state) student tuition and general fees for a dependent child of eligible ISU employees. Full benefit details and related forms are available in the Office of Human Resources or online atEmployee Dependent Child Tuition Reduction Benefit and Form.

IDeal College Savings

188 体育 世界杯爱达荷大学储蓄计划(理想)是一个state sponsored program to help families save for higher education expenses. The money saved can be used at any accredited school in Idaho; public or private, or at other eligible schools nationwide. For key features and limits see the IDeal website at Call 1-866-IDEALED/1-866-433-2533.

Paid and Unpaid Time Off

Classified staff, non-classified staff and faculty of Idaho State University as identified in ISUPP No 3050, Categories of Employees, may be eligible for a variety of leaves of absence from the workplace, with or without compensation. For a full list, see the Leave of Absence Policy for Faculty and Staff ISUPP 3070 on theISU Policies and Procedures Human Resourceswebsite.

AFLAC Supplemental Insurance

Aflac is an optional supplemental insurance which may pay cash to you in the event of a claim, over and above any other medical insurance. They are designed to help with out-of-pocket expenses such as deductibles, loss of income, and travel expenses. You choose the plans that are most suitable for you and the premiums are deducted from your paycheck. Information about rates can be found

Approved Holiday Schedule for Classified and Non-Classified Staff

The ISU approved holidays can be found on the following schedule:

Holiday Schedule

Holiday Schedule 2021

Flexible Spending Accounts

Flexible Spending Accounts, (FSAs) offer a convenient and easy way to save pre-tax money for eligible medical and dependent care expenses. If interested, you can participate in either or both of the plans: For more information, go toFlexible Spending Accounts

Worker's Compensation

Worker’s Compensation provides benefits to employees who sustain job-related injuries or contract occupational diseases or conditions while carrying out the duties and responsibilities of their employment. Benefits are in the form of compensation for medical expenses and compensation for work time lost due to work related injury or illness. For more information, seeWorker's Compensation.

ISU Wellness Center

The mission of the Wellness Center is to promote a collaborative approach to personal and community health through health promotion, educational programming, and service to the ISU community. ISU Wellness Center is committed to provide opportunities that facilitate and support growth in the multiple dimensions of health: physical, mental, emotional and environmental. To get more information, go toISU Wellness Center.

Bengal Card Benefits

All permanent employees and spouses/partners are eligible for a faculty/staff card, which can be used for the following privileges. Cards are available at Public Safety after employees have completed paperwork in Human Resources.

  • Use of the University Library
  • Check cashing privileges at the cashier’s office or Bookstore on campus
  • Reduced rates for season athletic passes and applicable theater productions
  • Reduced admission at Bengal Movie Theater
  • Family use of swimming pool at Reed Gym
  • You must have a Bengal card to purchase gym membership